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Roadfreight Export & Customs Clearing Instruction


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  • You are hereby requested and authorised upon receipt of the consignment described herein to prepare, sign the road consignment note and other necessary documents on our behalf, and dispatch the consignment in accordance with our contract. I certify that the contents of this consignment are properly identified by name. Insofar as any part of the consignment contains dangerous goods, such part is in the proper conditions for carriage by road according to the necessary Association's Dangerous Goods Regulations, and completed Dangerous Goods Declaration is attached. A cancellation fee / deadfreight will be applicable if this booking is cancelled. If goods are bonded, it must be specified on this instruction form and written permission must be obtained should you need to make use of Namgola Logistics' removers code. NB: All business undertaken subject to Namgola Standard Trading Terms and Conditions